Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Shah Rukh said it was an
unpleasant experience and
he would never do something
like this for publicity.Here is
an excerpt of the interview -
Rajdeep Sardesai: Critics are
saying that Shah Rukh Khan’s
detention in America has been
hyped by Shah Rukh himself and
it is a publicity stunt for the
upcoming film My Name Is Khan.
How do you react to that?Shah Rukh
Khan: As a matter of fact my film is

coming much later, there are still some
eight to nine months to go and we
normally don’t start promotion of
the movie this early. Moreover,
it is not very positive when someone
asks you for vouching for you to enter
someone’s country. Though
I don’t want to say this word,
I would say it is a bit disrespectful.
Rajdeep Sardesai: People are detained
and questioned in American airports
post 9/11, this is a regular practice there.
Then why should suddenly Shah

Rukh Khan take it as a personal
upfront? Was it that how can you
detain me, I am Shah Rukh Khan
?Shah Rukh Khan: No, I am very
humble about what I am. I may
talk about myself when I talk
about my films otherwise
I am very humble. I am very
scared of rules and therefore
always abide by them. Like
everyone even I had those
instances when I have been
subjected to very thorough
special security checking.Rajdeep
Sardesai: The problem perhaps in
India is that our security system is
not tough enough. We still work on
VIP system where a Shah Rukh
Khan or a big politician can easily

walk through an airport without
being checked.Shah Rukh Khan:
Whenever I am flying I always
stand in queues and make my
children do the same.Rajdeep
Sardesai: You don’t believe in
VIP culture?Shah Rukh Khan:
No, I never called anyone asking
please get me inside faster. I have
not done that even in a night club.
Even in India I don’t believe in
saying ‘don’t you know who I am’
when I am asked for my identification.
Rajdeep Sardesai: When you were
detained at the US airport you never
said to the officers there that ‘don’t
you know who I am’?Shah Rukh Khan:
If you have to say that then I think
you are not known enough. I’ll die
before saying that.

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