Tuesday, September 15, 2009



The Bollywood filmmaker quicker
off the mark than all other
producers, has signed on the
child stars of the Oscar winning
film for cameo roles in his next film.
It’s called Kal Kisne Dekha and is
meant to be a launch pad for
his son Jacky. The film being
directed by Vivek Sharma has
eight-minute roles for Rubina

and Azharuddin.Late Tuesday
night, they faced the camera
for the first time in an outdoor
shoot at Santacruz Airport. The
scene had them returning to
India after their moment of
triumph and fame at the Oscars
(clever, Vashu Bhagnani!) and
being saved from a bomb blast
by Jacky. The kids were mobbed

by curious onlookers at the shoot
and admitted, while signing
autographs, that they wanted to be
film stars. “Bada hoke main Salman
Khan banna chahta hoon. He is very
cool and my favourite star.
But I will complete my college
first before I become a big film
star,” said Azhar, who secretly
admires Katrina Kaif. The kid’s
not affected a bit by the beating
he got from his father. “When
my dad slapped me, the media
wrote bad things about him.
He cried after that. So what i

f he slapped me? Baat nahin
sunega toh maarenge na,” he
explained. Like Azharuddin,
Rubina too dreams of becoming a “
big filmstar” like Preity Zinta someday.
“I am enjoying every bit of the attention
now,” she said.Meanwhile, their co-star
and hero of Kal Kisne Dekha, Jacky.
is completely in awe of the kids.
“They are examples of ingenuity.
They have proved that you don’t
have to polish and groom yourself
to be a filmstar. You don’t need

wealth and a star father to launch
you. Be yourself and people will
identify and love you,” he said.Like
Danny, Vashu too intends to do
his bit for the kids. “Being a builder
I will speak to some friends in Azhar
’s area and try to get him a free flat
and if that doesn’t happen,
I will ensure that his family
gets a heavy discount.
I will also arrange for the bank
loan because I know if I give
them the money, it will be
spent,” said Vashu who
is also getting roles and
endorsements for Azhar.
As for Rubina, he will work
out a financial deal with her
family and other requirements
if there are any.

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