Tuesday, September 22, 2009


After her debut moviein 1998she
had her nexthit with soldier. Zinta
,Preity love for experimenting with
roles was seen asshesigned two
telugu filmsalso whichwere
remakesof Hindi movies. She
wasdoing pretty well as ane
wcomerand then came a majorhit
in theform of Kya kehna in2000.
It tookthe audiences bystorm and
she wasappreciatedby the critics
for hercommendableacting talent.
Herbig hits includedMissionKashmir
which was thethirdhighest grossing
film of the yearand Dil Chahta
Hai whichenteredinto the top five
highestgrossingfilms of the year.
Althoughthe filmDil Hai Tumhaara
did notdo well atthe box office, her
role asan adopteddaughter was
appreciatedand shebecame
sought-after by some

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